“I have been happy the whole time I’ve been using Senior Home Care- everything about them is great!”

Babette Hirschfeld

Testimonials About Senior Home Care

Learn first hand of our commitment to your care at Senior Home Care in New York by reading testimonials from our patients and their families.

Meg Smirnoff

“It is with gratitude that I recognize the care my mother has received from Senior Home Care for the last eight years. Mom would not have had the length or quality of life she has enjoyed, without the personalized care she has received. Of course, it is to the aides that most recognition must be given, the Senior Home Health Aides who worked intimately with Mom every day, who have taken the time to �����get to know” her. My family and I are especially grateful to her primary aide who has been totally committed to Mom’s welfare. She gives the kind of care that is without price and comes from the heart. She is the first to note any changes in Mom’s health, such as a change in mood or appetite that might indicate an incipient problem, and lets the nurses and I know immediately. Mom’s aide takes real pride in Mom’s appearance, rather than just dressing her in “any old thing” she takes time with her dress, irons her clothes and chooses nice “outfits” for her to wear. I take comfort in knowing there is always clinical backup with the nursing staff. All of the RN’s have been responsive and available to come by and discuss a problem, do a physical assessment or advocator with Mom’s physicians. The leadership staff has worked closely with me to indentify Mom’s changing care needs and have been extremely responsive to the very key issue of finding the right match of aides for Mom. At 95 Mother is no longer the vibrant, intellectual, physically able woman she had been. For however long she is with us, I can only hope she continue to be maintained in the safe, caring, supportive way Senior Home Care has provided.”

The Ranani Family

“My mother-in-law moved into a senior residence 8 ½ years ago as an independent resident. With the compassionate assistance of the entire Senior Home Care Staff my mother-in-law has been able to remain in her apartment with dignity, independence and loving assistance.”

Marvin Ammer

I have had the the pleasure of working with Senior Home Care for several years and have found the level of their services and staff to be helpful and tireless. They are a professional, quality agency that I can rely on.”

Madeline Zevon

My mother was a resident in a senior residence for five years and passed away at the age of 103 last November 12, 2013. For the first four years she had a private aide for days, evenings and weekends. In her last year there it became apparent that one aide could not manage her. She was wheelchair bound and two aides were needed to transfer her to commode and to the bed from her wheelchair. The manager of the senior residence suggested we get Home Health Care services for Mom. We transferred mom to Senior Home Care where two aides would be available whenever mom needed. My mother did not need an aide to sit with her all day. She only needed the services that Senior Home Care provided: assistance with dressing, grooming, transfer from wheelchair and transportation to activities and the dining room. They also checked in on mom every hour, and around the clock. Needless to say, not only did this provide exactly what was required, it was much cheaper than private aides, the only thing we did not want for my mother was a nursing home. Instead mom was able to live in her home because of Senior Home Care. I cannot say enough about how please we were with Senior Home Care. We are deeply thankful for the excellent care Senior Home Care provided for my mother.

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