Home care services are the most effective means to help seniors retain independence and make the most out of life. From everyday assistance with ordinary tasks to more intensive medical attention, home care can help your loved ones live fulfilling and satisfying lives. At Senior Home Care, we’re dedicated to helping our patients achieve true peace of mind.
Long term care insurance offers many advantages to seniors. This insurance provides many seniors the financial backing to enable them to stay at home and to bring the proper support into the comfort of their own  home, without having to be placed in an institution.

Unlike Medicare, which has very limited and specific requirements and limitations about who qualifies and who does not qualify for Home Care, most long term care insurance policies will pay for all the services that  you need, all in the comfort of your own home, for as long as you need the care.


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Insurance Solutions with Senior Home Care

At Senior Home Care, our Long Term Care department will literally “hold your hand“ and walk you through the process of authorizations, claim submissions, and payments.

Senior Home Care has led the Home Health Care industry for decades, providing the highest-quality care in the field to a grateful and devoted community of families. Focused on creating fulfilling relationships between team members and their patients, we work to make ourselves a part of everyday life for every client that we serve.

Our partnership with the long term care insurance companies gives us the ability to tailor a plan to each patient’s exact goals and opens up possibilities previously inaccessible under programs like Medicare. We are always eager to help when complicated insurance issues or intricate health concerns make life stressful.

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