Your loved one’s health is deteriorating, and you worry constantly.

Your loved one needs help at home, but their financial resources are being depleted! You are concerned that your loved one may one day need a long-term care facility and are afraid to even think about what that might cost. You feel so overwhelmed!

If this describes your situation, you are not alone.

Even if one has Medicare and a good supplemental insurance policy, Home Care and Nursing Home needs are covered only for a short period of time. Afterwards, out-of-pocket costs can rapidly deplete family’s assets, possibly wiping out an entire life’s savings in a matter of months.

With proper advice and guidance, Medicaid can be the best option for your loved one.

Although it is never too early to start planning for Medicaid, it is also never too late. Regardless of your current situation, even if little or no planning has been done until now, with proper understanding of the Medicaid regulations, substantial asset protection can usually be accomplished.

When a family is faced with crisis, they must seek professional help.

Most people are not knowledgeable in handling the intricacies of Medicaid. There are many confusing terms and concepts, and misinformation can be extremely costly. Filing a Medicaid application is often an overwhelming experience. Hundreds of documents may be required; missing information can delay coverage, or even lead to outright rejection. A knowledgeable and reputable agency can assist you in navigating the system, and applying the rules pertinent to your individual case.

At , we work with you to speedily access the maximum benefits of Medicaid, with the minimum loss of assets.

will help you plan for your immediate needs, and simultaneously prepare for possible long-term care requirements. Please call our office at to make an appointment for a consultation. You will be treated with the professional care, courtesy, and respect that you deserve.

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